• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 5
  • Expertise: Leading sales and marketing efforts for companies


Relevant Skills

Directing product launches and multi-channel marketing Bringing full cannabis brand and product portfolio to new market Writing regulatory submissions required by Dept. of Health

Expertise Summary

  • Finn is an innovative, experienced, and passionate cannabis sales and marketing professional with expertise in brand building, multi-media campaign creation, packaging design, and content strategy.
    • While working for multiple MSOs during his 4.5 years in the cannabis space, he has led brand and marketing efforts across 5 states–both medical and adult-use markets–in a wide range of product categories.
  • As the Brand Manager for a cannabis company, Finn directed the product launches and multi-channel marketing activations for multiple new product lines, including vapes, infused lozenges, RSO, soft gels, CBN sleep tinctures, and a state’s first edibles and infused topicals.
    • He oversaw the portfolio of products as it drove over $40 million in top-line revenue through the 39 vertically integrated dispensaries and expanded the new patient count in another state by over 250%.
  • As Commercialization Manager, Finn is responsible for bringing the full cannabis brand and product portfolio to the new medical market.
    • He led the product strategy and packaging development initiatives and wrote the regulatory submissions required by the Dept. of Health.
  • During his time in the adult-use market, he led the sales and marketing efforts for multiple companies, capturing various market shares.
    • He led the development of retail activation and social media campaigns in partnership with dispensary partners and multi-media B2B and B2C marketing assets.
  • Before the cannabis industry, Finn successfully managed multiple brands, projects, and campaigns as an Account Executive at an award-winning design agency.
    • His clients included a craft soda brand, charter airline, and insurance company–he led all new business initiatives for the agency itself.
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