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Operations Leader
Product and supply chain methodologies

FrankieAmbitious operations leader who lowers labor and supply costs

Relevant Skills

Supporting supply chain and procurement needs, Lowering labor and supply costs, Launching state and national lines of products

Expertise Summary
  • Frankie is an expert Procurement Specialist with experience in a variety of products and supply chain methodologies.
    • After 8 years of honorable service with the U.S. Navy, he translated his dedication of being a results-oriented, self-motivated professional to becoming the Purchasing Coordinator for a premier cannabis company.
  • Frankie built the first accurate and versatile forecasting and demand planning excel sheet for raw materials needed for the cannabis company’s manufacturing.
    • This was built to achieve proper inventory levels during extreme supply chain shortages with a sliding scale for growth and waste.
    • The data also helped implement COH and re-order points to implement notification processes with the MRP system for easy re-ordering to meet manufacturing needs.
  • Frankie is an ambitious learner–while supporting the supply chain and procurement needs for both the cannabis company’s state and national lines of product, he also assists the data team in managing and sourcing technology needs, repairs, fixes for the company, and maintained inventory for tech assets.
    • He also coordinates shipments for the national line–co-packer, shipments from vendors, receiving, and warehousing.
  • Frankie researched, tested, verified, and implemented a new process for cleaning and sanitizing concentrate jars before filling in orders to lower labor and supply costs associated with hand-cleaning.
    • The process increased turnaround time to complete pack out of individual grams.
    • This led to an investment under $30K, ROI in 2 months of operation, and yearly labor cost savings of over $80K.
  • Frankie also has extensive vendor relations for everything from general supplies to manufacturing and processing equipment.
    • The vendors work regularly with him to keep their main product line over 20 new products.
    • He is capable of launching state and national lines of products in 6 months with just a team of 3.

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