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Brand Consultant
Product Marketing and Brand Development

GabbyA hybrid retail marketing and sales specialist in cannabis

Relevant Skills

Creating persuasive brand identities, building creative campaigns to produce results, leading strategic collaboration across industries

Expertise Summary
  • Gabby is a unique hybrid Retail Marketing and Sales Specialist who has paired 3 recent years of multi-state cannabis business building with a decade of guiding known CPG brands in food, beverage, consumer pharmacy, and telecom industries.
    • She’s experienced in year-over-year retail-account building, consumer-engagement strategies, national launches, and hyperlocal customizations.
    • She has implemented automation systems like Marketo and Monday, as well as cannabis-specific marketing data integration platforms capable of efficiently delivering national updates accurately on a state-by-state basis.
  • Gabby has extensive experience building operations, processes, multicultural teams, campaigns, and results.
    • She also helped her employers succeed by establishing marketing operation frameworks that enhance marketing efficiency, effectiveness, and work methods.
    • Gabby is also appreciated for her energy, passion, compassion, and commitment to winning.
  • Through talent, operational, and strategic improvements, she was able to double a company’s marketing department revenue YoY for 6 years.
    • Emerging cannabis leaders in Illinois and Missouri noticed her applicability, as she had most recently relaunched a legendary ice cream brand, equipping the national sales team with the strategy, tools, and support to secure 4,000 new points of sale.
  • Gabby led 2 former sales and marketing executives in establishing their cannabis manufacturing operation, defining its flagship beverage portfolio, and leading the wholesale sale of its infused beverage and subsequent concentrate brand SKUs.
    • She doubled the number of retail accounts week-over-week and created industry buzz that caused the MIP and its flagship infused seltzer to be named “Best of” in 5 categories before the seltzer was even available at retail.
  • Gabby also concluded a 6-year corporate social responsibility campaign for a pharmacy company that delivered $4M of free health screenings valued at $80M to underserved communities nationwide.
    • By year 6, the campaign had scaled into 10 mobile health clinics on wheels.
  • Gabby is also a strategic advisor to a respected and influential female cannabis organization.
    • Her job includes educating cannabis business members on the best-in-class solution providers and emerging technologies.
    • Gabby is currently working on retail and marketing projects for various cannabis companies.

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