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GarretProven COO with 15+ years experience.

Relevant Skills

Production, retail, marketing

Expertise Summary
  • Garret, MBA, is currently the COO for a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator. 
    • He is responsible for ongoing strategy and P&L/budgeting oversight of cultivation, production, retail, wholesale, marketing, and IT infrastructure. 
    • He is also responsible for creating a durable and consistent company culture focused on employee and customer engagement and scaling operational efficiencies.  
    • He is open to relocation and hybrid roles.  
  • In his current role as COO, Garret led company efforts to align on initial retail and wholesale pricing for 4 new product brands and >30 new-to-market SKUs, with ongoing coordination, including weekly/monthly meetings to ensure pricing collaboration between retail and wholesale, and a margin-prioritized approach to biomass revenue generation.  
  • With 2 decades of experience in retail, including overseeing more than 25 new store openings and managing >200 locations, Garret has pioneered operational efficiencies and expense reductions, including generating over $300M in additional annual revenues through leading a design overhaul of an operating model while streamlining labor, adding zero cost to the model, and shrinking the operating footprint.  
  • As COO, Garret is directly responsible for the effective utilization and ROI for support functions to accelerate revenue generation and margin capture, including marketing, IT, HR, and Compliance. 
    • He is also responsible for ensuring that all marketing endeavors are successfully implemented, evaluated, and adjusted for optimum revenue capture and guest engagement, leading to Return On Ad Spend ratios of >6:1. 

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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