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Operations Executive
Operations and Management

GenevieveCannabis Operations Executive with international and cross-industry experience

Relevant Skills

Maximizing efficiency, expanding operations, driving growth

Expertise Summary
  • Genevieve is an Operations Executive with 10+ years of experience spanning international and cross-industry environments.
  • With deep expertise in communications and formal education in philosophy, Genevieve has mastered the ability to reason out solutions to incredibly complex business challenges and then articulate them to her teams and other executive offices.
    • She improved output by 100% by influencing senior executive teams to adopt transformation initiatives.
    • She streamlined operations so a 100K square foot facility could be run by just 10 people.
  • Genevieve oversaw the design, production, sales, and distribution of 7 cannabis brands.
    • She secured $1M in investor funding for brand development and territory expansion.
    • She also secured 2 retail cannabis licenses and 2 distribution licenses.
    • Genevieve also expanded operations from 95 locations to 175 locations while increasing sales by 70%.
  • Genevieve has been a pioneer and a trailblazer from early in her career as one of the first female snipers in the Israeli Defense Force to breaking ground in the emerging psilocybin market.
    • She has learned to navigate some of the most complex and ambiguous environments with clarity and confidence.
    • Her career has been focused on the cannabis and hemp industries–she is currently looking for a company where she can leverage her deep operational expertise to maximize efficiency, expand operations, and drive growth.

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