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Marketing Manager

GianhaProven Marketing Manager with 6 years experience

Relevant Skills

Consulting , management, team building

Expertise Summary
  • Gianha has gained a diverse and in-depth understanding of the cannabis industry having had experience as a Budtender and managing marketing programs for multiple states for a very successful cannabis brand.  
    • With a career background in marketing and B.A. in Radio Promotions & Marketing from Columbia College Chicago, she has created a diverse portfolio of cannabis marketing, events, and community outreach initiatives in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota.   
  • Being a part of the cannabis industry in Illinois since its infancy allowed her to develop skills in state regulations and compliance, HR, general management, and marketing.  
    • She started as a Budtender with an independent dispensary and developed skills to become the General Manager, which allowed her to learn all functions of cannabis retail.  
    • She developed new dispensary procedures during the pandemic and worked closely with state police and state cannabis compliance regulators to create safety measures for staff and customers.  
    • When the dispensary was eventually purchased by a large-scale cannabis company, she worked closely with their team to understand and implement dispensary operations and procedures on a broader scale. 
  • Gianha has cannabis start-up experience from working with the fastest-growing cannabis beverage company in the country.  
    • She has been able to oversee multiple cannabis markets by implementing field strategies, managing Brand Ambassadors teams, hosting trainings, community events, and large-scale activations.  
    • Gianha has learned how to navigate laws and regulations in multiple states to allow company goals to be achieved in developing markets.  
    • She has created marketing campaigns and strategies that have led to a positive ROI and a loyal consumer base among their target audience.  
  • Gianha continues to learn and grow with the cannabis industry daily and has also started learning and working closely with legal hemp markets.  
    • She is actively developing marketing strategies for hemp beverages in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, etc. 
    • She has trained teams on hemp products and created large-scale brand awareness activations at beer festivals, concerts, and more.   
  • Gianha has created community partnerships with local cannabis organizations and has worked closely with cannabis mentoring organizations to hire and recruit talent from dispensaries into higher cannabis roles.  
    • She created meaningful community partnerships with local businesses and organizations to help push the industry in the right direction.  
    • Gianha developed a relationship through her company with a state cannabis organization to expunge 35 cannabis records as part of an expungement program by the governor.  
    • She partnered with dispensaries across the city for forest reserves/park clean-ups and training to know your cannabis rights. 

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