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Marketing Executive
Marketing and PR

GianneProven Marketing Executive with over 15 years of experience.

Relevant Skills

Marketing & SEO, brand builder, building in-house teams

Expertise Summary
  • Gianne is a marketing, public relations, and communications executive with experience and deep knowledge of the cannabis industry. 
  • In the cannabis industry, she has worked for numerous companies as a marketing partner to a web design agency.   
    • Tasked with generating leads for a cannabis web design company, she published numerous articles in top cannabis trade magazines to drive brand awareness.  
    • She also launched, produced, and continues to host a branded podcast as a platform to promote clients and build relationships with industry leaders.  
  • Gianne spearheaded web redesign and rebranding efforts for a CBD company that transformed the brand’s image from a generic white-label product into a trusted authority on CBD. 
    • She increased website traffic by 75% from programmatic advertising initiatives.  
  • Gianne’s CPG experience in the toy industry led her to partner with the inventor of a popular classic board game to create a children’s product, which sold successfully online and in major toy stores nationwide and across Canada for 5 years.  
    • She also negotiated and secured a licensing agreement to use the rights for the Mad Lib name to expand the toy product line and elevate brand awareness–the partnership increased sales by 75%. 
  • Gianne accomplished success in retail when she launched a line of coffee bars (3), which drew an incredibly loyal following and robust community engagement that she nurtured through customer service and by providing quality products. 


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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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