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Director of Sales
Financing and increasing sales revenue

GideonDirector of Sales with proven leadership ability

Relevant Skills

Establishing relationships within the industry, creating and securing product budget, implementing structure and communication with the sales team

Expertise Summary
  • Gideon managed 12 brands, an array of products, and existing retail partners for a cannabis company.
    • He increased sales revenue over 30% across all regions.
    • Gideon created and hosted private industry events, allowing brands to highlight products to key decision makers at lower cost than larger events.
  • Gideon was the Director and Founder of a cannabis company.
    • He was responsible for creating and securing product budget, the business timeline, and financing.
    • Gideon led product development and formulation, brand development, packaging, and online/social media presence.
    • He also selected manufacturing, distribution, and quality assurance partners.
  • For another cannabis company, Gideon led the organization to annual sales of approximately $900,000.
    • He serviced the top dispensaries statewide and became recognized as the segment leader for confections.
  • Gideon established relationships with the top dispensaries and delivery providers.
    • He grew revenue 30% annually.
    • He created 50+ unique cannabis products.
    • Gideon also managed daily operations of cannabis manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing.

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