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Sales Professional

GigiProven sales professional with 15+ years of experience

Relevant Skills

Management, CPG Sales, training ambassadors

Expertise Summary
  • Gigi is a Sales Professional with 15+ years of experience in retail sales, management, and marketing.  
    • She manages all aspects of the sales funnel and teams and manages relationships with clients.  
    • Her talents include juggling multiple projects at once, her ability to manage 50+ employees, exceeding sales expectations, excellent customer service and high proficiency in CPG sales, purchasing, training, and education.  
  • Gigi worked her way up in a very prominent retail chain and then decided to bring her expertise into the cannabis industry.  
    • Starting at a dispensary, she was able to bring her merchandising skills to use, immediately having a positive impact on the store’s sales.  
    • She learned the ins and outs of all dispensary needs, which led to an easy transition into Territory Sales.  
  • Gigi also developed an in-depth knowledge of the plant and its uses as Lead Ambassador for a cannabis business, training new ambassadors on cannabis knowledge and the technology of the delivery system.  
    • Being a former buyer has served her well as an Account Manager and Sales Director.  
    • Because of this experience she understood how to anticipate buyer needs and develop unique solutions to promote growth and retention.  
  • In training a team, Gigi’s main objective is to teach them to become an advocate for the client–the two main objectives are to help them sell products and to solve problems.  
    • She believes this leads to growth, retention, and a positive relationship between the salesperson and the client.  
    • She would bring all her years of expertise to ensure sales growth, great customer service, and customer satisfaction. 

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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