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Director of Operations
Establishing post-harvest operating procedures


Relevant Skills

Assisting in creating SOPs for all departments, Facilitating a seamless process of distribution, Overseeing the extraction processes

Expertise Summary
  • Grant most recently established the post-harvest operating procedures for a 100k sq. ft. commercial grow.
    • Additionally, he facilitated a seamless process of distribution across 17 dispensaries statewide, generating an average of $7 million in sales a week.
    • His proficient kin regulations and monitoring platforms (METRC) assisted in the SOP creations for all departments post grow.
  • At a cannabis company, Grant oversaw the extraction processes along with the packaging and allocation of products to 10-20 dispensaries.
  • While at an MSO, Grant oversaw the distribution of wholesale products and retail products to the dispensaries.
  • Grant worked with diamonds, sugar, and distillates in many forms, as well as the packaging of all cartridges.
  • Grant built his career mastering the processes of the cannabis industry from within a lucrative and highly regulated market.
    • He started from inside the grow and rose to be responsible for the wholesale division in the third-largest company in the market.
    • He has the seed-to-sale experience and unique business acumen to thrive in this expanding industry.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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