Finance Leader
Scaling all treasury, accounting, and taxes domestically and internationally


Relevant Skills

Implementing ERPs, HCM, and BI systems, Leading multiple integrations related to M&A transactions, Modeling all pro-forma and forward-looking analysis

Expertise Summary
  • Griffin is a Finance Leader and currently the Director of Financial Operations for a premier global cannabis company.
    • He scaled all treasury, accounting, taxes, insurance/risk, strategic financial planning, and payroll both domestically and internationally.
    • When he first started, the company was pre-revenue, and it is currently at $50M+ ARR.
  • During Q2 & Q3 of 2020, Griffin co-led the opening of an entity from a 100% remote position.
    • He navigated the legal complexities of entity registration, opened a bank account with RBC, implemented a payroll system, successfully onboarded employees, and rolled out an invoicing process to customers inclusive of Goods and Services Taxes (GST).
  • Throughout his career, Griffin helped raise over $250M of debt and equity from PEs, VCs, and investment banks.
    • He has been the main driver of modeling all pro-forma and forward-looking analysis for fundraising support.
    • He has played a key part in implementing ERPs, HCM, and BI systems and has been able to gather a high level of expertise that has allowed him to help implement similar solutions quicker and optimize current tools.
  • Griffin has led multiple integrations related to M&A transactions at 2 companies.
    • On his first day, he was in charge of integrating 3 entities (2 US-based & 1 Canadian-based) into the company’s systems, processes, and culture.
    • At another company, he helped with the $200M Series C raise that was simultaneous with the acquisition of the leading POS companies in cannabis–this integration was inclusive of 8 legal entities across 3 different countries and was 2 months ahead of expectations.

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