Extraction Specialist
Overseeing operation of large-scale extraction equipment


Relevant Skills

Documenting all processes and intaking biomass, Ensuring machine optimizes maximum production, Analyzing cannabinoids

Expertise Summary
  • Haden’s experience as an Extractor is backed by 4+ years of professional experience in the cannabis industry.
  • While at a type 7 manufacturing facility, Haden oversaw operation of large-scale extraction equipment, documentation of all processes, intake of biomass, and analysis of cannabinoids.
    • For fresh frozen cannabis, he would process over 300 lbs in an 8-hour shift.
    • For dry-cured trim, he would process roughly 150 lbs in an 8-hour shift.
  • Haden’s very particular about the small details to ensure the machine is optimizing maximum production potential with safety in mind.
    • He’ll thoroughly check the system to ensure all seals and hoses are in good shape and keeps an eye out for any losses in pressure or vacuum that may indicate the potential for leaks or moisture intake.
    • He’s also mindful of the cleanliness of the machine and C1D1 work area.
  • With an easy-going personality and a passion for the cannabis industry, Haden’s confident that he can adapt to any environment and hit the ground running.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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