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Compliance Specialist
Compliance and management

HailleeCompliance and Regulatory Specialist with 10+ years of management

Relevant Skills

Operational planning and management, tailoring compliance programs, strengthening communities for security and accessibility

Expertise Summary
  • Haillee is an accomplished Compliance and Regulatory Specialist with 10+ years of diverse management and leadership experience in operational planning, management, auditing, project coordination, and client management.
    • She is experienced in tailoring compliance programs to meet company needs and empowering leadership to execute policies.
  • After obtaining her foundation in Emergency Management and Security, Haillee expanded her career to support emerging health and wellness companies.
    • She specializes in start-up & vertically integrated companies leading programs that allow for better regulatory compliance programs across all internal and external silos.
  • Haillee served as Regulatory & Compliance representative on selected development, subsidiary organization project, study management, and product development teams and before U.S. and other regulatory authorities.
    • She developed and implemented staff training curriculum and mentor programs for streamlined company-wide execution of company policies, procedures, reporting and protocols.
    • She also served as the Director of Compliance, contributing to the evolution of the program, including the framework, all policies and procedures reporting, issue management, and training.
  • Haillee is up to date on current US cannabis and hemp regulations, Canadian cannabis regulations, Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards that will make a valuable contribution towards the mission of improving lives.
    • She is proud to be an industry leader working towards ending cannabis prohibition and strengthening communities to create a secure and more cannabis accessible world.

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