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Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain & Procurement Management

HallePositive Supply Chain Manager who leads with curiosity

Relevant Skills

Self-directed learner, optimistic & professional demeanor , employs analytical decision-making

Expertise Summary
  • Halle has been in the industry for 8+ years, specializing in purchasing for multi-store and multi-million-dollar businesses.
    • She wanted to learn more about vertical integration in the cannabis industry and supply chain practices.
    • Halle is very interested in learning multi-state business practices and continuing to expand her buyer knowledge in this industry.
    • She prides herself in being professional and positive in any situation and feels confident that all her current and previous coworkers and vendors appreciate her contributions and optimistic attitude.
  • Halle created purchasing processes and trained multiple inventory and purchasing team members over the last 8 years.
    • With these skills, she has successfully opened and managed a 3rd party distribution center for 8+ retail locations in less than 30 days at a farming business.
  • Halle created a new ordering system from scratch in Excel that also tracks PAR levels at all retail locations and distribution centers.
    • The new processes streamlined the previous ordering system and reduced order completion time by 50%.
  • Halle also created a delivery and order tracker for all stores and distribution centers to cross reference with incoming shipments, and also serves as a communication hub for real-time issues.
  • Halle utilized market and sales data to create a personalized product assortment for each retail location’s unique demographic.
    • Doing so reduced SKU count by 10-15% depending on location but maintained equal revenue to previous sales.
  • In the first year, Halle was able to develop and maintain relationships with 48+ brands.
    • She organizes and coordinates monthly promotions with all her vendors while ensuring their company receives partial to full credit for all negotiated products.

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