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Marketing Professional
Marketing/Brand Development

HarleyHarley is an experienced cannabis marketing professional

Relevant Skills

Brand management, product launches, team leadership

Expertise Summary
  • Harley is an accomplished marketing and brand professional with a remarkable track record of 10+ years in the cannabis industry. 
    • Her expertise spans brand management, strategic planning, product launches, and team leadership across various sectors. 
    • She has demonstrated the ability to drive substantial revenue growth and brand awareness. 
    • She has also executed impactful marketing initiatives, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic vision to any organization. 
  • As Brand Manager for a top CBD & Cannabis wellness company, Harley revitalized product SKUs and optimized PDP descriptions, SEO, and organic search traffic.  
    • Under her guidance, the company achieved a significant increase in website visitors, resulting in an $18K monthly sales volume rise.  
    • Harley led an 8-member team to launch a successful new product line, collaborating across departments and executing go-to-market strategies.  
    • Her cross-functional coordination, integrated marketing calendars, and alignment with sales and company-wide objectives showcased her exceptional leadership. 
  • Harley’s strategic thinking drove a comprehensive rebrand of 18 SKUs, elevating the brand’s market presence and leading to a remarkable 352% increase for in-store merchandising returns– overall revenue grew by 32% with the addition of 2 new SKUs. 
    • She efficiently managed multiple responsibilities, from sourcing manufacturing components to orchestrating in-store merchandising campaigns and completing a rebrand from start to finish.  
    • Harley’s hands-on approach extended to web development, copywriting, and design oversight.  
    • With her involvement, a CBD company experienced a notable increase in engagement, revenue, number of retailers carrying the product line, and audience growth across various marketing channels 
  • At a rapidly growing CPG startup, Harley played a pivotal role in propelling the brand’s expansion from 8 to 100+ retailers within a year, resulting in over $1M in sales.  
    • Her efforts encompassed overseeing a sales team and brand ambassador team, executing digital media marketing, managing brand collateral, and fostering key partnerships. 
    • Her contributions extended to setting marketing objectives, evaluating P&Ls, and contributing to overall capital-raise initiatives, showcasing her holistic approach to brand development. 
  • Harley’s tenure at a hotel showcased her talent for experiential events and partnership management.  
    • She spearheaded revenue-generating events with notable cannabis brands and mainstream brands while orchestrating impactful monthly marketing campaigns.  
    • Her ability to cultivate partnerships and engage with various stakeholders further underscored her knack for driving brand visibility and revenue. 
  • Harley is a seasoned marketing and brand professional with a proven history of driving results, fostering partnerships, and leading cross-functional teams.  
    • Her dynamic leadership style, versatile skill set, and proficiency in managing complex projects make her a valuable asset for organizations seeking to elevate their marketing strategies and brand presence. 

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