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VP of Finance
Finance, operations, and compliance regulations

HarlinBuilt her cannabis compliance knowledge over 15+ years

Relevant Skills

Leading the finance department, Auditing and public company filing, Presenting financial projections

Expertise Summary
  • Harlin, MBA, has worked as a VP of Finance/Controller for 15+ years, where she led the finance department.
    • Most recently, she worked as the VP of Finance at a private equity firm that invested in cannabis companies.
  • Harlin led 2 finance teams through audit and public company filings in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • As VP of Finance in the cannabis industry, she is knowledgeable in the cannabis compliance regulations, both with filings and operations.
    • She worked closely with operations/inventory management.
    • She also transitioned the ERP system compatible with the METRC requirements for the state.
  • Harlin was a Co-Founder/CFO of a graphic email start-up where she set up the finance and operations of the company from day one.
    • She also has extensive experience in financial projections and presenting them internally, to potential investors, and at board meetings.
  • Harlin has experience in M&A with the due diligence for the transaction, creating and evaluating the pro-forma financials for a merger, and consolidating financial departments once the transaction completed.
  • Harlin worked in multiple industries through her career, including cannabis, gaming, manufacturing, media, and software.
    • She also has an MBA in Finance.

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