VP of Manufacturing
Developing and implementing SOPs


Relevant Skills

Managing production schedules, planning & purchasing, and product launches, Increasing facility's production, Extensive knowledge of compliance standards

Expertise Summary
  • Harrison is an experienced global Manufacturing Executive, experienced with the cannabis, aerospace, and medical industries in startup and global environments, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Harrison has experience with managing production schedules, planning and purchasing, and new product launches.
    • Having worked for a startup for the last 4 years, Harrison loves the constant evolving in cannabis.
    • He has extensive knowledge of OSHA, METRC, and compliance standards.
  • As a VP of Operations for a cannabis business, he successfully increased the facility’s production by 80%, bringing up production from 2,000 grams/day to the facility’s current extraction rate of 10,000 grams/day within 8 months.
    • Not only are they doing more, but they are doing more with 50% fewer operators.
    • He also implemented a new extraction machine that is safer and more efficient to operate.
  • Harrison has high standards for ensuring a safe work environment and providing constant training to ensure OSHA standards and cGMP requirements are consistent.
    • He also has strong experience in developing and implementing SOPs.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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