General Manager
Compliance, P&L, vendor relations, and staffing


Relevant Skills

Transitioning medical-only to co-located multi-floor dispensary , Dealing with HR issues, merchandizing, budgeting, and forecasting, Increasing sales

Expertise Summary
  • Henderson is currently a General Manager for a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator–he works at a dispensary that is the flagship for the company.
    • He is responsible for sales building, staffing, HR issues, day-to-day compliance, merchandizing, and P&L management.
  • Henderson transitioned the 5-year-old dispensary from a medical-only establishment to a co-located multi-floor dispensary.
    • He tripled the size of the team and quadrupled sales in this transition as well.
    • The budget for this unit in 2022 is north of $15M.
    • This dispensary has also had unique guidelines from the CCC and BCB that Henderson found solutions for that benefited the company.
  • Henderson believes in and practices servant leadership.
    • As a people’s manager, he’s always shown his teams that they are his priority, and every decision he makes is with the team in mind.
  • Henderson also worked for a hospitality group for 10 years.
    • He started as an hourly team member in the ranks and progressed to Director of Operations in 6 years.
    • Henderson spent the remaining 5 years as a multi-unit operator in the end.
    • He helped grow the company from 2 units in 2011 to 11 units in 2020–responsibilities included budgeting, forecasting, manager mentorship, P&L for three venues, vendor relations, and HR.

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