Director of Sales
SOPs, KPIs, and structure

HollySales director who creates SOPs and KPIs that increase revenue

Relevant Skills

Creating SOPs and KPIs, Increasing revenue, Implementing structure and communication with the sales team

Expertise Summary
  • Holly is one of the first employees of a premier cannabis company.
    • She created all departments, SOPs, and KPIs in the company (sales, accounting, finance, marketing, social media, and distribution).
    • She is a driven and goal-oriented individual that strives to better herself every day.
  • Throughout her 4 years with the company, she was a pivotal part in increasing the company’s revenue from $200,000 to $5,000,000 by year’s end.
    • She created SOPs for structure within the department to ensure that all KPIs were executed, which helped the sales team have an understanding and awareness of the expectations to succeed.
    • She helped to transform a small company into one of the largest companies in California and surpassed all sales goals by 57% for the central region and increased sales by 68% over one year.
  • Holly created SOPs to ensure that terms, shelf space, and credits had contracts to decrease the risk of revenue loss.
    • She also implemented structure and communication with the sales team because she feels that to be successful, you must manage the front and back end of any company efficiently.
  • Holly controlled all products being delivered and the collections collected.
    • This allowed the sales team to get accurate updates on product availability, delivery successions, and bad debt.
    • She scheduled Brand Ambassadors to complete demos and product inventory checks for future sales.
    • She also added content to the social media platform to ensure awareness of the new SKUs, product launch, budtender shoutouts, education, etc.

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