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Sales Manager

HugoProven Sales Manager with 6+ years experience.

Relevant Skills

Inside sales , growing, hydroponics

Expertise Summary
  • Hugo is an experienced sales professional with over 6 years of experience in the Colorado and Illinois Cannabis/Hemp Industry.  
    • He has developed a knowledge of all the components involved from doing a grow build-out to harvesting and finally extracting the cannabis or hemp and all the steps in between including growing, trimming, and cloning.  
    • He also offers well-established resources and insights into the industry. 
  • At his previous job, Hugo took on many responsibilities, including running and starting a hydroponics division at the company.  
    • With the connections he had from his previous work experience on farms, he was able to sell $1.8 million in commissionable sales with an increase of 30-75% per quarter year-over-year. 
    • He’s overseen 235 active clients throughout the United States and countries abroad. 
  • Hugo’s responsibilities included Inside Sales/Account Manager as well as Hydroponics Coordinator.  
    • For both roles, he excelled in training, product sourcing, consulting, lead generation, cold calling and warm leads, pipeline management, supply chain management, various CRM usage, and objection handling from clients. 
  • Hugo is a trained sales professional and an established cannabis expert.  
    • He has progressed and built long-lasting relationships in the cannabis space with a diverse group of clients. 


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