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M&A transactions, business restructurings, and financial statement analysis

HunterCFO with a CPA and expertise in finance and tax background

Relevant Skills

Preparing and presenting slide decks, Advising on deal structures for complex transactions, Providing innovative solutions

Expertise Summary
  • Hunter, CPA, has a finance and tax background and is focused on driving value to clients in emerging industries like cannabis.
    • He became proficient in identifying and mitigating client pain points, conceptualizing foreign issues quickly, and acting resourcefully while working through issues lacking sufficient regulatory guidance.
  • Serving as his firm’s IRC Sec. 280E subject matter expert, Hunter frequently provided innovative solutions to clients dealing with poor internal controls and bookkeeping, limited access to banking solutions, and organizational structures that were inefficient from an operational and tax standpoint.
    • To optimize client results, he and his team mapped out custom solutions with multiple scenarios to plan for contingencies and meet the demands of the current regulatory environment.
  • In addition to managing a team of 10, Hunter was responsible for filing 200+ tax returns–$2.5M+ in annual revenue.
    • He provided a variety of consulting services to his clients. Over the years, these consulting services included financial statement analysis for IRC Sec. 280E optimization, M&A transactions, business restructurings, establishing new entities to substantiate Separate Trades or Business (STB) requirements, and revising models to comply with updated guidance and reporting requirements.
  • Hunter prepared and presented slide decks to the company board of directors, executives, general counsel, and investors of some of the largest vertically integrated MSOs in the U.S. regarding IRC Sec. 280E tax implications and mitigation strategies, IRS, and state exposure as it relates to prior filings and current operational and internal reporting issues, sales tax nexus analysis, and advising on deal structures for complex transactions.
  • Hunter standardized tax memos and worked with one of the country’s top cannabis attorneys and discussed the unconstitutional aspects of IRC Sec. 280E and the inability of owners to receive any tax benefit from “ordinary and necessary” business expenses over the life of the company that were previously disallowed under IRC Sec. 280E.
    • They took the position that the disallowed expenses should be treated in the form of basis on the disposition of the business.
  • Hunter helped prepare due diligence reports on prospective M&A targets for the firm.
    • He led the tax department’s global recruiting efforts, software trainings, and implementation.
    • He also improved and standardized department business operations and presented technical trainings to domestic and international staff. 

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