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Chief Product Officer
Product planning, consumer education, product formulations, and branding

HuntleyCPO and Founder of numerous successful cannabis brands

Relevant Skills

Staffing of multiple departments, Designing fully scalable lab systems, Securing funding

Expertise Summary
  • Huntley is a motivated cannabis professional with 10+ years in the industry and a founder of several successful cannabis brands.
  • Huntley is currently the Chief Product Officer of a recreational, licensed, premium, boutique, cannabis cultivation, white-label, manufacturing, and distribution company.
    • He has overseen the build-out and staffing of multiple departments, such as, cultivation, manufacturing, operations, marketing, distribution, and sales.
    • His responsibilities include budgeting, cost accounting, local and state regulator relations, hiring and directing contractors for end-to-end lab building, licensing, compliance, investor relations, internal control systems, and documentation from seed to sale systems.
  • Huntley also has experience in biomass recognition, product planning, marketing, branding, sales, consumer relations, consumer education, product formulations, predicting market trends, research and development, cultivation supervision, strain selection, and general problem solving related to the high biodiversity of cannabis.
  • Huntley helped co-found 2 cannabis brands with a focus on the manufacturing department.
    • He designed, built, and oversaw all licensing steps to secure the first licensed hydrocarbon system in a specific state.
    • The facility was used to train officers in using a safe and standardized protocol for hydrocarbon labs across the state.
  • Huntley designed larger and fully scalable lab systems for hydrocarbon, ethanol, solventless, roto vape, and falling film systems.
    • He designed and built systems capable of processing up to 1,000 lbs. of biomass daily.
    • Huntley also designed processes to streamline post-processing, packaging, and white label systems, including all documentation.
    • He oversaw branding and sales from $0 to $20-25M and was integral to investor relations, securing funding and the sale of the company.
  • Huntley started with trimming in the most entry-level position on a cannabis farm in 2012. He has gone on to build a successful delivery-based dispensary and large cannabis startup employing 50+ employees.
    • He is at the top of the league when it comes to identifying source material, products, branding, and formulations.
    • He has watched the market grow from a small boutique business to a multi-billion-dollar industry.
    • Huntley has seen and identified many of the big mistakes large companies make, including mismanaging funding due to a lack of long-term product knowledge– he has helped save millions in mismanaged revenue.

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