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Laboratory Director
Lab Managment/Extraction

JaidennProven Laboratory Director with 11 years experience.

Relevant Skills

Production, extraction, lab management

Expertise Summary
  • Jaidenn, PhD, is an accomplished Laboratory Director with a comprehensive skill set and a strong academic background.  
    • His expertise encompasses a range of fields, including synthetic chemistry, analytical methodologies, bio-organic synthesis, and biofuel processing. 
    • Jaidenn’s educational journey includes a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Florida Institute of Technology, where his dissertation focused on “Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Carbazolopyridinophane sensors for Hydrazine.” 
    • He also holds an M.S. in Chemistry and a B.S. in Biochemistry–both from the same institution. 
  • With notable skills in synthetic chemistry, Jaidenn demonstrates proficiency in various techniques such as organic synthesis, organometallic synthesis, and materials chemistry.  
    • He possesses hands-on experience in extraction and purification methods, including distillation, isolation, and recrystallization.  
    • Moreover, his ability to purify laboratory chemicals to specification grades and utilize anhydrous lab techniques showcases his meticulous approach to laboratory work. 
  • Jaidenn is skilled in utilizing various advanced analytical techniques, including NMR, HPLC, MS, UV/Vis, IR, fluorimetry spectrometry, GC/MS, and ICP/MS.  
    • This proficiency allows him to characterize and quantify complex chemical compounds accurately. 
  • Jaidenn’s expertise extends to bio-organic synthesis and engineering, bridging the gap between chemistry and biochemistry.  
    • His proficiency in physical organic chemistry, including modeling and reaction mechanisms, further demonstrates his comprehensive grasp of chemical principles. 
  • Adept in both software and hardware, Jaidenn possesses a versatile skill set.  
    • He is well-versed in various operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Unix) and has a command of numerous software tools essential for scientific research, such as ChemOffice, TOPSPIN, NUTS, PNMR, Spartan, Gaussian, MatLab, Mass Center, LabSolutions, and more. 
    • His hardware troubleshooting capabilities extend to computers, HPLC, MS, NMR, homogenizers, and extraction equipment. 
  • With a rich and diverse professional experience, Jaidenn has held significant roles in various organizations.  
    • As a Principle Scientist at a cannabis company, he directed a national analytical program, oversaw multiple sites across states, and played a pivotal role in developing cost-effective testing methods.  
    • His leadership extended to overseeing multi-million-dollar testing equipment procurement and vendor negotiations. 
  • Furthermore, Jaidenn’s contributions extend to startup environments.  
    • As a Technical Director at a lab, he co-founded and directed a hemp/marijuana testing laboratory, overseeing its setup, ISO accreditation submission, and equipment selection.  
    • He has also made impactful contributions to academia, serving as a Professor and Adjunct Professor at 2 institutions where he mentored students and contributed to curriculum development. 

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