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Sales Leader
Sales and Leadership

JanetteProven Sales Leader with 10+ years experience

Relevant Skills

Communication, collaboration, sales management

Expertise Summary
  • Janette is a passionate and creative sales leader with 10+ years of experience in the adult beverage, beauty, and cannabis industries. 
    • She has a track record of topping the chart on any team she joins and leading with humility.  
    • She believes communication, collaboration, and continuous education are key to success.
    • She also believes that a great leader makes their mark by getting their hands dirty and acting with transparency and respect towards others.  
  • Janette drives results across large and complicated markets at multiple organizational levels.  
    • She sold over $12M in cannabis edibles in her latest role and managed relationships with 52 clients.  
    • She previously directed a sales team for a top 10 vape brand, and in her first cannabis role she represented a diverse portfolio and held the company record for revenue growth, taking yearly sales from $2.9M to $10.1M.  
  • Outside of cannabis, Janette has experience working with large corporate retailers, sports arena concessionaires, major dining chains, and she is comfortable fostering various relationships from trap shops to board rooms.  
  • Janette’s passion for sales was first realized in her high school job, where she was quickly promoted from office admin to the sales floor – selling furniture to adults at the young age of 16.  
    • Since then, she’s been driven to sell what she’s passionate about, resulting in a life where the commonly asked question at any social gathering is: “Wow – what’s it like to sell weed?” 
    • Working in cannabis connects her to the community she grew up in and allows her to utilize the skills she built working in competitive CPG. 
    • She is devoted to empowering providers of plant medicine, reversing harmful stigma, and developing teams with the shared vision of building a better world for all. 

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