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Director of Sales
Sales and Retail Management

JavierPassionate Director of Sales skilled in building winning cultures

Relevant Skills

Spearheading initiatives, driving revenue growth and profits, empowering others

Expertise Summary
  • A proven and passionate sales leader, Javier holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and has 20+ years of success across a range of high growth CPG companies.
  • In his most recent role as Director of Sales for a cannabis business, Javier oversaw a team of 19 and created and executed the sales strategy for 15 suppliers.
    • Revenues generated for Javier’s teams in 2022 topped $140M, representing a 30% increase in YoY growth and increased GPM over 2.5% from the previous year.
  • Javier has experience managing a wide scope of responsibilities including: KPI creation and achievement, sales strategy, retail and brand focus, revenue generation, profit maximization, budgeting/forecasting, pricing policy, personnel management and many more.
    • He spearheaded multiple initiatives, working closely with other department heads to create new SOPs to streamline functions and increase sales bandwidth, including AR collection, the creation of a sales Operations team, and a bespoke process to service many key cannabis accounts across the state.
  • Javier believes passionately in the importance of a “culture of winning” to propel success across whatever organization he leads.
    • His teams are deeply engaged and motivated to work hard for him to meet and exceed expectations.
    • Javier is a highly effective coach, bringing out the best in his people and empowering them to succeed in their current roles and beyond.
    • He loves collaboration and is adept at building camaraderie between teams across all functions of a company.
  • Javier is a strong team builder who has built 3 sales teams from scratch over his career in wine and spirits.
    • He also oversaw 2 reorganizations resulting in substantial revenue growth and profits.

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