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Director of Operations
Overseeing all farm operations


Relevant Skills

Implementing standard operating policies, Managing workforce and operations, Ensuring production goals are met

Expertise Summary
  • Jefferson has a BS in agriculture and engineering and is working on a master’s in food safety.
    • He has 30+ years of progressive experience in food production and currently works as the Director of Operations for a cannabis company. 
    • Jefferson is a professional who works well with everyone, has a hands-on approach, and has an inspirational, collaborative style.
    • Jefferson is also bilingual–Spanish and English.
  • As a cannabis Director of Operations, he implemented standard operating policies and procedures, managing the workforce and the operations. 
    • He’s learned the unique differences between the cannabis industry and the food production industry and feels very confident in cannabis.
  • Jefferson oversees all farm operations and prepares production, harvest, budget, and labor schedules.
    • He also ensures that production goals are met, greenhouses are maintained, and facilities are cleaned and sanitized efficiently.
  • Jefferson has strong management and leadership skills thanks to his food production background.
    • He is a fast learner, highly coachable, loves working in a fast-paced facility, and has lean manufacturing experience.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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