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Director of Extraction
Scaling up production processes and diversifying product offerings


Relevant Skills

Scaling up production processes, Diversifying product offerings, Integrating and balancing operational goals

Expertise Summary
  • Jeffrey is an experienced Extraction Specialist with a proven ability to scale up production processes and diversify product offerings based on multiple extraction formats. 
    • He is constantly involved in process improvement in the ever-dynamic cannabis industry.
    • He is a cannabis concentrates source material expert and has a deep understanding of the spectrum of patient and consumer experience. 
  • Currently the Senior Process Lab Manager for a cannabis company, Jeffrey empowers his teams.
    • His experience with multiple manufacturing formats allows him to engage with personnel beneficially and uniquely.
  • Jeffrey is experienced with compliance and regulations throughout multiple states in the medical and recreational cannabis industries. 
    • Being exposed to various seed-to-sale software and state-mandated audits allows him to observe the full scope of the industry and how regulatory changes affect sales and operations.
  • Jeffrey was involved with numerous mergers that subject him to integrating and balancing operational goals and COGS across various companies. 
    • He has experience in cultivation, processing, and manufacturing requirements to ensure a seamless transition with product offerings across multiple formats.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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