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Processing & Harvesting Manager
Harvesting, curing, processing, and tracking


Relevant Skills

Managing the post-harvest department, Producing consistent quality product, Starting a greenhouse production facility

Expertise Summary
  • Julie is a cannabis professional with 12+ years of high-volume experience in both CO and CA.
    • She has exceptional knowledge and management experience in harvesting, curing, processing, tracking, and packaging. 
  • Currently, as the Processing & Harvest Manager for a cannabis company, she manages the post-harvest department, including 3 different cultivation centers, 9 flower rooms, 5 veg rooms, and 17 cultivation employees.
  • The cannabis company requested her services after a bad harvest–she was able to switch the cure around 1 month and train their employees.
    • They have produced a consistent yield of quality product for every harvest for the past 2 years.
  • In 2016, Julie joined a premier cannabis company, helping them start their 3-acre greenhouse production facility.
    • She was responsible for 30 employees and harvested 22,000/week. 
  • Julie has valuable experience in medical to recreational transitions and can provide solutions and ideas for better outcomes of a post harvest.
    • She’s also well-versed in METRC and seed-to-sale tracking compliance systems.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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