• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 20
  • Expertise: Building and overseeing large-scale cultivation


Relevant Skills

Developing extensive IPM program Creating own line of hydroponic nutrients Developing extremely high THC potency

Expertise Summary

  • Kaleb is a passionate professional with 6.5 years of experience managing large-scale commercial cannabis cultivation facilities.
    • He has 20 years of experience as a cannabis cultivator, holds a minor degree in botany, and has 7 years of consulting experience, allowing him to gain tremendous knowledge into the do’s and don’ts on the commercial level.
    • He has experience building and overseeing large-scale cultivation for indoor grow rooms, irrigation systems, HVAC systems and controls, and dry/cure rooms.
  • Kaleb developed an extensive IPM program that focuses on beneficial fungal and bacterial inoculants.
    • Biological niches are filled, keeping mold/mildew spores from populating the garden and all products used are OMRI listed for organic production.
    • This organic method avoids failing lab tests due to chemical residues or systemic toxins. Pests and pathogens are never an issue due to the proactivity of the schedule created.
    • Kaleb’s preventative management also includes strict sanitation protocols, specific pruning/manipulation techniques that ensure proper airflow, and a specific focus on environmental control.
  • Kaleb’s passion for cannabis genetics led to the creation of specific cannabinoid isolation as well as a wide variety of terpene profiles.
    • His experience crossing and backcrossing led to the development of extremely high THC potency.
    • He’s developed 5+ core strains all registering over 25% THC with a few above 30% THC.
    • His extensive knowledge of the science behind indoor cannabis growth led him to create his own line of hydroponic nutrients, resulting in world-class quality and yields.
  • Kaleb’s leadership abilities were cultivated over 12 years of management positions.
    • He understands the importance of team building and maintaining positive morale in the workplace.
    • His current staff is approximately 40 employees crossing multiple departments.
  • Kaleb has extensive experience writing/implementing SOPs.
    • While consulting, his SOPs contributed to the highest graded application in his state.
    • 7 years of consulting experience gave him tremendous insight into indoor cannabis cultivation, allowing him to stay ahead of the competition in the development of cannabis cultivation facilities.
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