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Director of HR
Recruiting, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and regulatory compliance

KamdenDriven Director of HR with an MBA and cannabis MSO experience

Relevant Skills

Redesigning employee benefits program, Reducing administrative expenses, Overseeing up to 1,500 employees

Expertise Summary
  • Kamden is a results-oriented HRVP with an MBA and PHR certification currently working for a cannabis MSO.
    • For 3.5 years, he has successfully leveraged his deep HR experience to serve as a true generalist covering all HR disciplines, including recruiting, talent management, employee relations, compensation & benefits, and regulatory compliance, among others.
  • Kamden maintains a servant-leader mentality built when he started working at age 14, reinforced when he joined the US Military 5 years later, and refined through 2 decades in the retail industry where long, flexible hours, high stress, fast work pace, demanding clientele, and competing demands are the norm.
    • This coupled with his insatiable desire to fulfill his commitments to all stakeholders has driven him to produce at the highest level through a myriad of operational and support roles while overseeing up to almost 1,500 employees.
    • He has successfully leveraged the perspective gleaned in operational leadership roles to enhance his understanding of, and ability to build strong relationships with line management to better support them.
  • Forever a champion of culture, Kamden places a high emphasis on values, such as integrity, trust, respect, teamwork, and accountability.
    • With an undergraduate degree in organizational behavior and extensive experience addressing employee relations issues, he effectively balances his responsibilities to employees and the company through modeling the behavior expected, shaping a simple path forward, and communicating effectively.
  • There’s no job he will ask of another that he isn’t willing to do himself down to cleaning the restrooms–setting this type of example also lends him credibility amongst the staff toward exhibiting behaviors that contribute to a more harmonious environment.
  • In 2021, Kamden successfully rolled out a redesigned employee benefits program.
    • First, he changed it from a graded to a level-funded plan, reducing administrative expense.
    • Second, he added an independent TPA to administer claims– motivating to adjudicate claims accurately and place the claims data back into the company.
    • Third, he strategically adjusted premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket thresholds.
    • This resulted in a 97% enrollment response rate and an overall reduction of $700,000 in total benefit-related costs for the year without any coverage reduction.

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