Kitchen Supervisor
Hiring, training, and running a kitchen staff

LanieCannabis kitchen supervisor who creates infused/non-infused goods

Relevant Skills

Tracking inventory of infused and non-infused products, Creating a line of gummies, Running a manufacturing team

Expertise Summary
  • Lanie is a Kitchen Supervisor at a premier wholesale cannabis company–she oversees and manages a kitchen team, from hiring and training to tracking inventory of infused and non-infused products.
    • She also schedules manufacturing to meet production goals–her team makes about 24,000 gummies a day.
    • Her kitchen won 3rd place at a high-level competition in the topical category.
    • She also helped create a line of gummies with 7+ different flavors, which have been passed to multiple cannabis infusion kitchens.
  • Lanie focuses on innovating and developing to maintain effective internal controls to ensure continuous process improvement within the kitchen using SOPs.
    • She schedules testing with labs to ensure accurate infusion of products and keeps precise records of test results and maintenance–she is always focused on R+D.
    • She thrives in a fast-paced heavy manufacturing kitchen and has accurate prioritization and strong communication within her team.
  • Early on, Lanie took a job as a Cannabis Packaging Tech and moved quickly up the ladder to Packaging MIP Lead.
    • Once the pandemic happened, they needed a Kitchen Manager and team to produce edibles.
    • With her cooking history and passion for edibles, she was the perfect candidate to successfully run a high manufacturing team.
  • Lanie was also an Assistant Chef to a personal chef service on weekends.

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