Marketing, operations, and supply chain


Relevant Skills

Leading international expansion of a company, Raising debt and equity funding companies, Creating positive change within an organization

Expertise Summary
  • Levon, MBA, CPA, MA, CIA, is currently a strategic consultant to a multi-state cannabis operator with revenues over $50M and operations across several states.
    • He is a seasoned c-level leader in the consumer goods industries known for building world-class organizations and branded products in regulated markets in the food and beverage, tobacco, and cannabis industries.
  • As the President of a CBD, nicotine, and cannabis products company, Levon led the expansion of their international footprint to include Canada, Mexico, and the UK.
    • He raised CAN $40M in equity and convertible debt in 2019.
  • As the COO/CFO of a cannabis company, Levon led extensive M&A activity, transactional deals, and was the primary contact for the initial merger process in 2021.
    • He raised over $85M in equity and debt to fuel the corporation’s growth.
  • Levon has a technical specialization in finance, leading to multiple global senior roles in companies with revenues up to $1.6B.
    • He has raised nearly $120M in debt and equity funding for public and private companies via placement and registered offerings in the US and Canada.
    • He is functionally astute in marketing, operations, supply chain, CORA, HR, CEO, COO, and CFO roles in private and publicly traded companies.
  • Levon possesses high energy and optimism to create positive change within his organizations, even when facing the greatest challenges.
    • He is a 24/7 leader who operates with an extreme sense of urgency as “every day counts,” especially in the cannabis industry.
    • He has a personal belief to help lead a company to achieve 3 objectives: 1) Let’s do something great, 2) Let’s have a lot of fun doing it, and 3) Let’s make a lot of money for all stakeholders.

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