• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 4
  • Expertise: Hydrocarbon extraction process


Relevant Skills

Redesigning hydrocarbon process Developing a way to provide solventless rosin Building hydrocarbon extraction lab from ground up

Expertise Summary

  • Luis is an R&D, Processing, and Extraction Manager that has been a natural in the industry from the start.
    • He redesigned the hydrocarbon process for an organization, yielding much better results while only working in the cannabis industry for 4 weeks.
  • Luis single-handedly developed a way to provide solventless rosin quickly.
    • He then developed the entire infused food line from production to packaging sans a limited few.
  • Luis built a hydrocarbon extraction lab from the ground up and trained every individual in extraction and the MIP.
    • Additionally, he was responsible for all purchases of any process or machine needed in production.
  • Luis is an expert when it comes to the hydrocarbon extraction process.
    • He drafted a design for C1D1, C1D1 Control Room, as well as post-processing.
    • Also, he designed all SOPs and production guides within the department.
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