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Compliance Professional
Managing the compliance label program


Relevant Skills

Handling ISO, GMPs, BRC, FDA, Creating and implementing Quality Management System, Creating/managing label department

Expertise Summary
  • Lukas is a Quality Assurance and Compliance Professional with 2+ years of experience in the cannabis industry and 10+ years of experience in FDA-regulated industries including pharma, dairy, and brewing.
    • He was also a Farm Manager with 5-20 staff members.
    • Lukas has been growing medical-grade cannabis for 15 years. He loves teaching others about cannabis benefits, as well as cannabis growing, extracting, and consuming techniques.
  • At a cannabis company, Lukas created and implemented a complete Quality Management System for the company’s 400,000 sq. ft. greenhouse (100,000lbs of biomass annually), 50,000 sq. ft. production facility, and commercial kitchen for infused edibles.
    • He managed the compliance label program for the entire facility, including bulk distillate and concentrate sales, all brands, edibles and white label products, and cannabis flower.
    • He also created the label department and conducted a production batch record review.
  • Lukas was the Chair of the Sustainability Department at a remedies company.
    • He created educational programs, held events throughout the community, collaborated with local colleges, and implemented Lean Six Sigma efforts throughout production facilities.
  • Lukas is experienced with ISO, GMPs, BRC, FDA, internal/coprocessor audits, CAPA, and other regulatory bodies.
    • He also has experience with ISO 9001, cGMP, 21 CFR 110, and 111/117.

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