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Cultivation Manager
Operational systems analysis, identifying workflow, and infrastructure


Relevant Skills

Directing outdoor operations, greenhouses, and grow rooms, Managing Pathology Lab to identify disease in growth, Researching new methodologies to control pests and diseases

Expertise Summary
  • Luther is a formally trained Agronomist with over 2 decades of experience in different agricultural practices and 2 years in cannabis cultivation.
    • He has directed outdoor operations, greenhouses, and private grow rooms.
    • He is also an expert in operational systems analysis, identifying workflow, infrastructure, procedural issues, and offering scalable solutions grounded in lean manufacturing principles to improve the quantity and quality of yields and the costs of production.
  • As the Cultivation/Plant Health Manager at a premier cannabis company, Luther lead a team of 5 IPM technicians, cultivation supervisors, and cultivation technicians I, II, and III.
    • He’s a natural leader, coach, team-builder, and multi-tasker with the highest ethical standards and great time management ability.
  • Luther is a plant scientist with experience developing, implementing, and managing agricultural research and development programs of various complexities.
    • He is managing the Pathology Lab (PCR) to identify disease in the growth before it is a real problem.
    • He is also researching for new methodologies to control pests and diseases, making sure the plants grow to their best performance and the flower passes all the Compliance of Analysis tests.
  • Luther’s horticultural knowledge is vast. He has a clear understanding of macro-and micro-nutrient regimes as well as beneficial bacteria and fungi colonization.
    • He can identify general plant health symptoms, such as pests, pathogens, and nutrient issues.
    • His experience with IPM emphasizes preventive biosecurity measures but includes the development and oversight of scouting programs and IPM treatment plans, including the use of beneficial predatory insects from propagation to the post-harvest treatment of the product.
  • Luther has expertise in strategic planning, production planning, problem-solving, organizational development, professional networking, B2B communication, and personnel management.
    • He also has a strong ability to build employee alignment with company goals and to foster talent.

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