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HR Professional
Recruiting, training, employee relations, and handling LOA


Relevant Skills

Assessing the business opportunities, Closing the gaps of HR opportunities, Supporting a diverse portfolio

Expertise Summary
  • Malik, PHR, is an amazing and motivated HR professional who offers diverse work experience, including cannabis and single and multi-unit retail industry experience.
    • He is approachable and uses humor to connect to others.
    • Malik is driven by doing the right thing and leads his team to do the same.
    • Not everything has a policy or procedure, so he believes a diverse HR background and thoughtful decisions ultimately take care of teams.
  • Malik built a Cannabis HR team from 1 to 4 members over the last year by assessing the business opportunities and closing the gaps of HR opportunities.
    • The team supports 5 entities for an entrepreneur in Denver.
    • From 7 retail storefronts, 5 grows, and an extraction facility, to a specialty retail location, he supports a diverse portfolio and 400 team members that make it happen.
      • This includes a bi-weekly payroll of over $700,000 and a yearly spend of over $18 million–all with minimal errors and happy CFOs.
  • Malik has a strong understanding and experience with recruiting, training, employee relations, and handling LOA, workers compensation, and benefits while always ensuring a high level of integrity and an ability to handle sensitive and confidential information.
  • Malik resides in Colorado and has open availability to interview.

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