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Chief Compliance Officer
Cannabis Compliance/Designing Compliance Systems

MariCompliance Expert with over 30 years of experience.

Relevant Skills

Cannabis regulation, cannabis compliance, social equity knowledge

Expertise Summary
  • Mari, MS, JD, is a strong proponent of nutraceuticals and healing from the earth. 
    • She took her 25 years of legal compliance expertise and entered the cannabis industry in 2017.  
  •  Mari started working as an associate in a cannabis consulting firm wanting to absorb as much insight into the highly regulated cannabis industry. 
    • She quickly climbed the ladder, becoming a partner in the firm.   
  • In 2019, Mari ventured out on her own and founded her own consulting firm.  
    • She continued to broaden her knowledge and expertise in cannabis regulations by consulting for cannabis businesses, writing SOPs, developing audit tools, and designing compliance programs for home delivery, transporters, dispensaries, and grow operations.  
    • As a subject matter expert in cannabis compliance and social equity issues, Mari was a featured guest speaker on a popular trichomes media podcast. 
  • In 2020, Mari was accepted into the premier Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Therapeutics and Policy program at the University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy.  
    • She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2022.  
    • Prior to graduating, she was recruited by a multi-stage cannabis operations firm. 
    • She was tasked with building a compliance and licensing department for the firm’s rapidly growing operations. 
  • Mari specializes in creating cannabis compliance SOPs, writing competitive cannabis license applications, and designing compliance systems for emerging and reorganizing cannabis verticals.  
    • She has successfully written license applications for clients in multiple states and helped her clients win Phase I and Phase II licenses.  
    • Recently, she was contracted by multiple state cannabis licensing commissions to evaluate and score new dispensary license applications in competitive markets.  
    • Her vast knowledge in legal compliance has been an essential part of her work as a Fractional/Consulting Chief Compliance Officer, building, implementing, and executing compliant work environments in the cannabis space. 

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