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Director of Cultivation
Cannabis cultivation and production design


Relevant Skills

Developing hybrid growing techniques, Growing hydroponic medicinal cannabis, Cultivation staff training

Expertise Summary
  • Monty is a Director of Cultivation with extensive experience providing commercial cannabis production design, cultivation staff training, and genetics to dispensaries nationwide.
    • His career began legally growing hydroponic medicinal cannabis for a premier cannabis company. 
    • He also served on an advisory board for organizations providing safe access for patients.
  • Monty developed new and widely used hybrid growing techniques using soilless medium and biologicals, as well as a new hydroponic medium utilizing coconut coir that’s widely used by today’s top growers.
  • He formed a grower cooperative that would become a cannabis company, producing for dispensaries throughout the state of California.
    • Monty also supported America’s biggest cannabis reform lobbying group in Washington DC through fundraising–he was the top fundraiser and one of the top 5 donors.
    • In 2005 his cannabis flower was featured in the 1st edition of a prominent cannabis book series.
  • Previously, Monty owned a gardening company, offering commercial grow design and supplies.
    • It expanded to 3 locations, generating $3.6M in sales.

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