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Head of Sales
Sales and Marketing

MylesHigh-achieving dynamic Head of Sales in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Increasing annual revenue, cannabis organization acquisitions , growing client rosters

Expertise Summary
  • Myles launched new companies and markets 4 times–twice as a founding member, resulting in acquisition.
    • He helped with the acquisition process of a cannabis-infused beverages/water soluble tincture brand–it was acquired by a cannabis organization for up to $60M.
    • He was also responsible for P&L of a wholesale portfolio and oversaw 3 account managers and 2 brand ambassadors.
  • Myles grew a cannabis-infused seltzer brand from zero to the top-selling cannabis beverage within 6 months with a penetration of 145+ dispensaries.
    • He also grew their water-soluble tincture from zero to the top-selling product in the category within 3 months
  • Myles transformed territory for a premier location-based media & data company by increasing annual revenue by more than 5x.
    • He is a recipient of multiple tech/media sales awards including Most Innovative Campaign, Most New Quarterly Accounts (East Coast), and Most New Proposals (East Coast).
  • For a dynamic advertising company, Myles grew the client roster from 0 to 20+ active monthly accounts in the first 18 months, which included huge names in the fast-food restaurant and sports industries.

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