• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 3
  • Expertise: Comprehensive understanding of laws and regulations


Relevant Skills

Developing and updating compliance policies Monitoring cannabis regulation at the state level Focusing on people who lack a strong voice and influence in cannabis

Expertise Summary

  • As Director of Compliance & Diversity Inclusion across all entities for a cannabis business, Nancy developed, reviewed, and updated the company’s compliance policy to ensure that it is up-to-date with current standards.
    • She possesses a strong understanding of laws and regulations that govern the industry and monitors state-level developments regarding cannabis regulations.
  • Nancy served as a primary point of contact, communication, and facilitation between members/licensees, local communities, and the media.
    • She focused on residents who have historically lacked a strong voice and influence in cannabis, including communities of color, limited-English speaking populations, and low-income residents as the Director of Outreach and Strategy for a cannabis industry association.
    • She was subsequently promoted to Political Director and Registered Lobbyist.
  • Nancy is a state regulation committee member for a cannabis industry association.
    • Her key area of focus is interstate commerce.
    • She demonstrated industry expertise as a regular podcast/webinar host and was a top 10 noteworthy speaker at a cannabis business conference.
  • Nancy’s national cannabis industry experience ranges from municipal to federal.
    • As a renowned policymaker and board of director member for a cannabis association focused on minorities, she weighed in on many state policies and was also a reviewer.
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