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Head of Operations
Supply chain/procurement and operations and project management

NaomiExecutes operational strategy, focusing on accelerated growth

Relevant Skills

Developing operational strategy, Leading product development , Developing procurement strategy

Expertise Summary
  • Naomi is the Head of Operations at a cultivation supply management company and is responsible for the development and execution of the operational strategy with a focus on accelerating growth.
    • With a diverse background across multiple industries, she is experienced in all aspects of supply chain/procurement and operations, project management, and strategic initiatives.
    • She also has 10+ years of executive assistant experience to C-level executives.
  • Naomi developed a comprehensive procurement strategy, consisting of expanded payment terms, increased supplier diversity, direct bidding, KPIs, and inventory turns.
  • Naomi directly managed an annual spend of $45M and assisted with total operational spending of over $150M annually.
    • She developed strategic and operational plans that called for re-alignment of supply chain activities to meet overall company objectives.
    • Naomi has experience with sourcing domestically and internationally (Europe and Asia) 10,000+ unique components and/or finished goods – most of which were unique, custom, and manufactured to specifications.
  • Naomi led product development from concept to shelf of a leading retail brand’s liquor, which became the company’s #1 selling liquor item in 2017, surpassing 1 million cases annually, while simultaneously handling component and raw material sourcing.
    • She also managed the contract manufacturing of the company’s non-alcoholic margarita mix at a 99.5% fulfillment rate.
  • As an Executive Assistant, she was responsible for coordinating a week-long IPO roadshow between LA & NY, consisting of 10-12 meetings per day.
    • She had to deal with constant changes to the schedule and real-time communication with team members, as well as travel and event logistics.
    • Naomi was the leader of a tournament for fundraising and event committee, raising a net profit of 7% above the projected budget (a 5% increase over the previous year).
    • She was the liaison to the Board of Directors, consisting of 35 members.

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