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HR Manager
Human Resources strategy and implementation

PeytonStrategic HR Manager with high attention to detail

Relevant Skills

Developing and implementing HR strategies, driving organizational change, leading human resources initiatives

Expertise Summary
  • Peyton is an experienced Human Resources Manager with 7+ years of strategic HR experience.
    • She has a track record in developing and implementing HR strategies, driving organizational change, and managing projects to support and further business goals.
  • Peyton is an adept consultant, employee advocate, and change agent with the ability to influence others while strategically leading human resources initiatives.
    • She has a proven ability to collaborate with all levels of management to identify the root cause of performance inefficiencies and develop plans for improvement.
  • At a cannabis company, Peyton accomplished a large scale hiring objective within a limited time frame of 90 days for the initial rollout launch while leveraging market data to enhance employee compensation packages and maximize equity initiatives for all locations.
  • Peyton established an enhanced onboarding experience, accountability structuring, and delivered ongoing training and metric reporting to maintain compliance accuracy.
    • She also handled policy creation, system implementation training and facilitation of orientation, and full-cycle employee experience, serving all cultivation, distribution, and retail teams concurrently.
    • She also oversaw the subsequent layoff of overstaffed divisions, management of performance issues, de-escalation of conflicts and dissatisfaction within all levels of talent resulting from staffing reductions and fluctuation of business levels.
  • Peyton served to generate stability within the workforce, applying dedicated attention and effort to mitigate unrest amongst employees arising from ongoing reorganization of departments and executive leadership teams.
    • She spearheaded the integration of acquisition of other business entities recently merged.
  • For a cannabis company, she managed contracted labor and was a liaison to a cannabis department, partnering with local representatives to expand brand awareness and positive impact within the surrounding community.
    • She championed a desirable workplace culture, showcased the efforts of high performers, advocated for enforcement of just practices, protected the company from liability, and minimized risk.

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