Operations, strategic growth, finance, licensing and compliance, and HR


Relevant Skills

Supervising buildouts, Growing field and corporate staff, Revamping SOPs, benefits, and governmental compliance practices

Expertise Summary
  • Quentin, MBA, has deep-rooted experience in the cannabis industry, having been a COO with a multi-store retailer/cultivator since the inception of legal adult-use cannabis.
    • His responsibilities include strategic growth, finance, licensing and compliance, operations, human resources, and marketing.
  • During his tenure, Quentin grew the company from 2 stores and 2 cultivation centers to 10 stores and 4 cultivation centers, including a 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art greenhouse.
    • He directly championed revenue increase from $5M to $51M, with a 17.6% net operating margin for 2020.
  • With a background of senior management and consultancy roles with companies varying in size from “mom and pops” to premier subsidiaries, Quentin brought his in-depth experience in site acquisition, vendor acquisition, lending negotiations, and TI leasing to his current role.
    • He supervised buildouts ranging from $400K-$750K per store, a greenhouse budget of $11M, and a new $600K corporate office.
  • With capex growth also comes human capital growth, and Quentin was fundamental in growing both field staff and corporate staff, ultimately overseeing 350 personnel.
    • This included 7 Directors and Vice Presidents.
  • Quentin is a driver for structure and accountability and championed the revamp of company SOPs, benefits, and governmental compliance practices.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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