Extraction Leader
C02 extraction methods and equipment


Relevant Skills

Creating batch records and SOPs, Building manufacturing facilities and installing equipment, Training personnel in extraction, refinement, winterization, and distillation

Expertise Summary
  • Randall is a motivated cannabis Extraction Leader with nearly 7 years of experience in CO2 extraction methods and equipment.
    • He has also managed a workforce of up to 8 individuals.
  • Throughout his 7 years of experience, Randall has maintained positive and professional relationships with equipment manufacturers and other industry vendors.
  • At cannabis science organizations, Randall evaluated prototype dual pump extraction systems and installed and operated the first production machine from the prototype.
  • While at another cannabis company, Randall was responsible for building laboratories, creating batch records, SOPs, and training and managing personnel in CO2 extraction, winterization, distillation, terpene refinement, and filling and packaging.
    • He has helped build manufacturing facilities in 5 states, installed the equipment, trained the personnel in extraction, refinement, winterization, distillation, and product formulation, and provided continuing technical support for those facilities in a GMP environment.
  • Randall is constantly looking for ways to improve quality control, accountability, safety, compliance, and efficiency.
    • He hopes to join a passionate, motivated, professional team pushing the envelope of cannabis legalization through the creation of trusted, reproducible, and quality product lines.

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