• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 8
  • Expertise: Manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis


Relevant Skills

Managing and training teams Writing SOPs and policies Using hydrocarbon for volatile extractions

Expertise Summary

  • Rory is a seasoned professional possessing a strong background in cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution.
    • He managed and taught technicians the finer points of drying, curing, and trimming cannabis post-harvest and built stations that made it ergonomically beneficial to the techs, resulting in a more efficient process.
  • Rory learned multiple styles of harvest to meet the company’s needs based on their expectations, space to develop, and purpose for the product/material produced. 
    • With his experience in cannabis, this process is a key function in the relationship between cultivation, manufacturing, and retail.
    • He is very comfortable managing teams and jumping into whichever station may need help to assure production stays on target.
  • Rory takes a hands-on approach with his team and is skilled at keeping them motivated and focused on meeting company production goals.
    • He is also very skilled at writing SOPs and policies, implementing ERP systems, METRC reconciliation, and scaling up production.
  • Having a diverse skill set and knowledge in extraction processes, Rory has mastered many different methods, including volatile extractions using hydrocarbon.
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