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Regional Manager/Recruiter
Management and Operations

SamanthaWell-rounded General Manager with 10+ years in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Creating operational plans, ensuring compliance, community engagement

Expertise Summary
  • Samantha worked as a Dispensary Manager for a premier cannabis company and was given the opportunity to let her 10+ year career in Retail Management shine.
    • She was able to create operational plans, develop and initiate SOPs, and build out the company structure–she was instrumental in the success of the market.
  • Samantha is familiar with building locations and teams from the ground up–both in a small and large capacity.
    • As a Regional Dispensary Manager, she was responsible for 4 locations (2 new and 2 existing) and 9 GMs and AGMs, and 150+ team members.
  • As General Manager for a cannabis company, Samantha led the transformation of the retail location from an average monthly gross sale of $500K to $2.1M within 6 months.
    • This was accomplished through cross-networking with the marketing department to develop a profitable loyalty program that drove customer retention, creating a promotional calendar, and implementing training programs.
    • As Regional Manager, she oversaw the successful launch of 2 adult-use and co-located dispensary openings in MA and 2 medical dispensary openings in PA. Her responsibilities included project management, clear communication of licensing requirements across departments, and working with state regulators to ensure compliance.
    • She recruited, onboarded, and trained 3 new departments: Security, Training, and Recruitment.
  • Samantha prides herself on being able to wear numerous hats–general manager, manager of new manager training, managing the talent recruitment team, or hiring and recruiting additional AGMs and GMs.
    • She has always been a part of the meeting and planning side of the business, as well as community engagement.
  • Currently, Samantha and her partner are co-owners of a company that supplies responsible vendor training to cannabis startups.
    • She developed and implemented a state-accredited e-learning platform for cannabis agents to become badged cannabis agents.
    • The platform–accredited in August 2022–has trained 200+ cannabis agents in cannabis regulations across the state.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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