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Graphic Designer
Product Marketing and Brand Development

SandersonInnovative cannabis Graphic Designer with deep understanding of brand identity (consultant)

Relevant Skills

Taking process from conceptualization to delivery, pushing creative limits, managing and creating marketing material

Expertise Summary
  • Sanderson is a Graphic Designer and executive-level Chief Design Officer (CDO) with 7+ years of CPG and cannabis brand-building experience.
  • As the CDO and originating partner for a cannabis packing and branding consultation company, Sanderson built and oversaw the complete design process from conceptualization to delivery.
  • While working as an executive CDO, Sanderson’s design expertise was focused on building branding for 100+ national cannabis startups. They collaborated heavily with clients to create eye-catching logos, branding guides, and packaging design that met or exceeded the client’s intended vision.
  • For these companies, Sanderson was in charge of creating custom packaging die-lines and 3D mock-ups that pushed the creative limit of printing and manufacturing capabilities within their factories to guarantee originality on distributors’ shelves.
    • Through this process, they have been able to present research that shows what works and doesn’t work in the cannabis packaging space from a functional to visual standpoint.
    • An excess knowledge of Pantone and CMYK color-matching was required by Sanderson to ensure consistent printing per 200+ packaging SKUs.
  • While overseeing all packing design processes within their own cannabis packaging company, Sanderson was also in charge of managing and creating marketing material, product shots, social media posts, and email promotions.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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