Director of HR
Overseeing the HR and Safety team

SashaDirector of HR who has implemented 5 HRIS systems

Relevant Skills

Implementing HRIS systems, Building HR and Safety program from ground up, Spearheading the IPO

Expertise Summary
  • Sasha has 2 decades of experience in HR and 3 years in the cannabis industry.
    • She has been a part of 4 startups, has implemented 5 HRIS systems, and been part of a merger and acquisition team for a cannabis company.
    • She has prepared payroll for 800 employees and prepared federal and state taxes.
  • Sasha started at a rapidly growing cannabis startup without any HR or safety policies. She has done the following:
    • She built their HR and Safety program from the ground up, ensuring compliance across multiple states.
    • She created internal policies, including a policy statement to explain the overall reason for the policy and set the expectations.
    • These policies include the internal hiring process, LOTO, confined space, travel reimbursement, and many more.
  • The cannabis organization is now a publicly-traded company, and Sasha spearheaded the IPO by gathering all of their information related to stock.
    • She awarded stock in the system once it was approved by the board.
  • Sasha has gained experience working with a union in the areas of bargaining, grievances, and ensuring communication is clear and consistent.
    • She oversees the HR and Safety team for 3 grow operations, 20+ dispensaries, and 2 manufacturing facilities.

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