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Finances and Operations

SheryllSheryll has a decade of experience as a financial and operational leader

Relevant Skills

Leads cross-functional teams, scales cannabis companies , optimizes financial systems

Expertise Summary
  • Sheryll is a seasoned financial and operational leader with a successful track record of driving improvements and optimizing systems across diverse industries.  
    • She is a seasoned financial and operational leader who thrives in challenging environments, leveraging her expertise to transform organizations and drive success.  
    • With a proven ability to navigate both growth and challenging environments, her expertise extends from small-scale operations to Fortune 100 global enterprises.  
    • Her dynamic leadership style encompasses lean optimization, fostering continuous improvement, and establishing robust infrastructures to support change and expansion. 
  • As a results-driven executive, Sheryll has held impactful roles, including Controller, CFO, and Executive, in various industries such as Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Cannabis, Metals, Gases, Retail, and SAAS.  
    • Her recent achievements include orchestrating a remarkable turnaround for a delisted public company under SEC investigation.  
    • She assembled and led cross-functional teams to restate financials, rebuild operations, and establish controls, ultimately resulting in stabilizing operations and securing lender financing through divestiture.  
    • Her adeptness at transforming crisis into success showcases her exceptional strategic and solutions-oriented leadership. 
  • As a VP Corporate Controller, Sheryll played a pivotal role in scaling a leading cannabis company, addressing compliance challenges, and creating robust finance and IT operations.  
    • Her team-building capabilties and relationship management shine through in her work with key banking relationships and the completion of an offering memorandum for capital raise. 
  • Throughout her career, Sheryll has consistently demonstrated her proficiency in driving change and optimization.  
    • She led the spin-off of a $100M entity, effectively building teams, systems, and processes.  
    • She managed growth through her role as Interim CFO, enhancing finance, operations, and HR functions–her contributions extended beyond financial realms, including the successful management of human resources efforts. 
  • As CFO for a venue-finding business, Sheryll optimized financial and operational systems to facilitate growth. 

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