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HR Consultant
Diverse hiring, retention, and training programs

TammyHR consultant that creates diversity and racial equity programs

Relevant Skills

Developing training programs, Contributing content, Creating diversity programs

Expertise Summary
  • Tammy is an expert in the creation and management of diversity programs and a founding member of a racial equity program and a premier museum.
    • The purpose of the racial equity program is to initiate structural and institutional change and make racial equity an operational reality for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in nonprofit organizations.
    • Most recently, Tammy collaborated and consulted with a housing initiative and cannabis company to launch tiny housing that provides both affordable access to medicinal cannabis and housing for at-risk communities.
    • She is willing to relocate and open to travel.
  • As an HR Consultant for a premium dispensary and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategist and innovator, Tammy has well-rounded experience developing and leading forward-thinking training programs.
    • With conversational acumen and listening acuity, Tammy is adept at engaging with community leaders and other key stakeholders to develop lasting connections from point of contact onward.
  • Tammy has a strong background as a trainer and educator. As an International Baccalaureate educator with international travel and cannabis education experience, Tammy has a well-rounded knowledge of various legacy markets throughout the US and UK.
    • As an avid educator, she developed and produced monthly held meetups (virtual and in-person) throughout the American South, encouraging and educating emerging Queer and Black economic leaders on cannabis fundamentals and benefits for Black and BIPOC queer communities.
  • Tammy is a creative force and an established multidisciplinary writing artist who thoroughly enjoys setting creative sights on a writing project and deep diving into every step of its creation.
    • She contributes creative and technical content for several high-engagement cannabis diversity campaigns and initiatives.
    • While at a premium cannabis dispensary, she wrote and co-delivered a six-part series of HR development focused on diverse hiring and retention to key stakeholders.

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